Positano, view from the Path of the Gods | Amalfi Coast by Jenn Kavanagh Photography Two Weeks in Italy: Venice, Florence, Tuscany + Amalfi Behind the Scenes Two weeks in Italy, somehow didn't feel like enough time. The most beautiful country, with the best food and a great philosophy in life. It was a trip that I'd been talking about for a very long tim... Year in Review: 2018 Behind the Scenes I was thinking about this post earlier today and chatting with Nick, saying how it kind of felt like I didn't do much this year and wasn't sure if I would even post a year in review. Then I sat down a... Year in Review: 2017 Behind the Scenes I try to post a 'Year in Review' post each year, as a way of looking back and reflecting on how many wonderful things can happen in just 365 days! Some years have more 'epic' moments than others (huge... TuesdaysTogether Toronto – January Meetup Behind the Scenes This morning we had our January TuesdaysTogether Toronto meetup at Le Dolci bakery! We sipped on coffee, had some delicious treats (cupcakes and macarons for the win!) and chatted about everything to ... Year in Review: 2015 Behind the Scenes Behind the Scenes Finally, the third and final Year in Review blog post! This time I'll be shedding some light on all that goes on behind the scenes...when I'm not photographing weddings and being a #girlboss! Read las... 2015 Year in Review: Wedding Photos by Jenn Kavanagh Photography Year in Review: 2015 Wedding Photos Behind the Scenes I spent some time today going through all of my favourite 2015 wedding photos and it's been SO hard to choose just one or two from each day! I had 26 amazing couples this year, and I wish I could've s...